Yardwork Co.


Yardwork Co. is the freelance and consulting company of Brett Woitunski, an entrepreneur, designer and branding professional.

Woitunski co-founded the popular music website PureVolume.com. By 2006, he and his business partners had grown the website to 100 million monthly page views and a database of over 750,000 musicians.

Along with the team behind PureVolume, Woitunski launched a social network called Virb in 2007 to target the creative community. Not long after it launched, Virb attracted the interest of Media Temple, and in 2008 was acquired by the highly regarded hosting company.

PureVolume was sold to Buzz Media in 2010, one of the web's fastest growing entertainment publishers and a ComScore top 50 property.

In 2012, after two years with Buzz Media, Woitunski is back on the startup path, with a creative services company and a new digital venture in the works.